Pediconfort Womens Moca Noir Noir 25973 Moca 289Kfrfb 905f4fb


Pediconfort shoes are one of those innovations that simply make life easier and more pleasant. Launched over 20 years ago by the Daxon brand, the Pediconfort range today offers shoes for all types of sensitive feet. Designed by wellbeing professionals and manufactured with meticulous care, Pediconfort shoes use leather chosen for its softness and resistance. The shoes come in several widths, and there are even several styles without seams to care for and protect the most fragile feet. More than 10 million Pediconfort shoes have been sold across Europe to date. With sandals, high heels, loafers, indoor shoes, mules and many other styles, the brand not only protects all kinds of feet, it caters for all kinds of tastes too! Pediconfort shoes combine femininity with wellbeing.
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