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Hello, I’m Shay! I am an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur (founding 3 businesses by age 24), and the founder of Intellectual Rebel (IR). I live with a “WE mentality” because I have experienced the “POWER of WE.” I discuss this concept in the YouTube video below. IR is a brand of opportunity for open-minded individuals to connect with one another and “BUILD the WE.” IR serves those who are rebellious enough to think for themselves as a platform to express themselves regarding the relevant topics discussed here on the blog and podcast. Also, feel free to let me know any new topics you would like to hear discussed on the blog and podcast, in the contact form at the bottom of this page. IR serves those of you who would like to promote yourself and your ideas with the opportunity to create original content on the blog as a “Guest Contributor.” After publishing an article on the blog, you will have the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast. The world desperately needs to hear your ORGANIC THOUGHTS! Feel free to share any of your thoughts with me via the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

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What is an Intellectual Rebel?

For me to define what an intellectual rebel is in the simplest way, I will begin with my definition of the words, intellectual and rebel. I define an intellectual as someone who regularly engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection about oneself, those they care about, or society while predominately focusing on potential solutions to the problems the intellectual perceives; many times, these solutions may seem somewhat “out of the box” when compared to conventional solutions. For this context, I define a rebel as someone who opposes and challenges the conventional, “status quo way of doing things” (traditional belief systems), especially when the rebel sees potential solutions that, logically, seem to be much more efficient and practical in accomplishing the task at hand. Hence, an intellectual rebel is a rare individual who actually uses their brain to generate original thoughts, and who does not simply believe and regurgitate what other PEOPLE (i.e. the mainstream media news outlets) have told them to be true.

If you are an intellectual rebel, then you are an endangered species. Some may call you a hell-raiser because you question everything. Others may laugh at your “crazy willingness” to try out unconventional solutions, when the “status quo way of doing things” just isn’t doing it for you. Many will talk about you behind your back because jealousy is rampant. Well, I am here to tell you, “Welcome home, superhero.”  Opportunity abounds you here at IR. You have the opportunity to become involved as much as you would like, earn financially, progress professionally (by building a relationship with the founder), and grow interpersonally. 

A Brand of Opportunity

IR offers you limitless opportunity. You have the opportunity to become involved as much as you would like, earn financially, progress professionally via the “Conquering Progress” Program (1 on 1 Business Consulting), and grow on a personal level via reading iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0 or by joining the “Solution Shay” Program (1 on 1 Personal Consulting).

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