The Creed

Author, Shay Dawkins

Hello, I’m Shay. I am a successful entrepreneur – founding my first business as a college senior at age 22 – the author of two books, and the founder of the Intellectual Rebel brand. I write about big ideas and provide life advice, written from my first-hand experiences and many shortcomings. I invite you to visit the About Shay page to learn more about me.

What is an Intellectual Rebel?

For me to define what an intellectual rebel is in the simplest way, I will begin with my definition of the words, intellectual and rebel. I define an intellectual as someone who regularly engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection about oneself, those they care about, or society while predominately focusing on potential solutions to the problems the intellectual perceives; many times, these solutions may seem somewhat “out of the box” when compared to conventional solutions. For this context, I define a rebel as someone who opposes and challenges the conventional, “status quo way of doing things” (traditional belief systems), especially when the rebel sees potential solutions that, logically, seem to be much more efficient and practical in accomplishing the task at hand. Hence, an intellectual rebel is a rare individual who actually uses their brain to generate original thoughts, and who does not simply believe and regurgitate what other PEOPLE (i.e. the mainstream media news outlets) have told them to be true.

If you are an intellectual rebel, then you are an endangered species. Some may call you a hell-raiser because you question everything. Others may laugh at your “crazy willingness” to try out unconventional solutions, when the “status quo way of doing things” just isn’t doing it for you. Many will talk about you behind your back because jealousy is rampant. Well, I am here to tell you, “Welcome home, superhero.”  The Interactive Blog is your hub to share those “crazy ideas” of yours, connect with fellow mutants (yes, that is an X-Men reference), and improve yourself; so, that you may fully tap into and UNLEASH that LIMITLESS POTENTIAL residing within your mind.

The Creed

We are the movers, shakers, and thought innovators.

We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness yet do not forsake these words for weakness or sappiness.

We are the rebels with a cause, a cause for improvement.

For when we improve ourselves, the world improves, and our society desperately needs an “Improvement Movement.”

We are the disruptors of stagnation.

Welcome to the Intellectual Rebel Nation.

What are the goals of Intellectual Rebel?

Intellectual Rebel has been created for those who resonate with being an Intellectual Rebel (as described above) to some degree or at least are interested in becoming a better version of themselves. Most people in our society (with a major culprit being our mainstream media news outlets) are “problem focused” via being addicted to talking and dwelling upon perceived problems without ever taking the time to even ponder a solution.  These “zombies” live in fear, judge strangers based off of generalized stereotypes (i.e. political party, race, age, gender, etc.), live in hatred, live in ignorance (they lack any ounce of self-awareness), and LOVE to complain continuously about things they have no control over. These “sheeple” blindly (without ever thinking for themselves) allow other people (mainstream media news anchors, preachers, politicians, etc.) to dictate their own beliefs. “Sheeple” are distracted by meaningless things such as “celebrity gossip” and (in general) are addicted to “talking about other people.”  I could go on and on filling up pages after pages after pages describing the traits of these “zombie sheeple,” but you should “catch my drift” by now. Side note, I don’t dislike zombies, but I do feel sorry for them because “ignorance is not bliss.” Even the happiest of zombies will find themselves on their death bed regretting all the things they wanted to accomplish or at least try, but never attempted.

Intellectual Rebel has been created for those who may find themselves “feeling alone” because they are surrounded by these “zombie sheeple;” thus, they have no one to share their thoughts, ideas, goals, and challenges with. Intellectual Rebel is a hub for those who truly want to live their life “ALL OUT” (LIVE FULLY) exuding every bit of talent and potential residing within themselves. Intellectual Rebel Nation is a growing “think tank community” full of people from all walks of life who enjoy being mentally stimulated by contemplating diverse view points along with good, inspiring conversation. All are welcome to join the Intellectual Rebel Community. If you have read this far, then know that this is no ordinary site, you are no ordinary person, and this is no ordinary moment. The content conveyed here is extraordinary. Those who join Intellectual Rebel Nation (by taking 15 seconds and submitting their email address below) will see extraordinary changes and results in their lives by not only attaining access to extremely valuable content but also by gaining the opportunity to network and connect with “kindred spirits” from diverse backgrounds. Members will have the opportunity to express themselves (by leaving comments in the sign up form below of any topics or questions they would like further material on) along with attaining direct access to me (Shay Dawkins) and with my diverse network of talented friends (who I refer to as “teammates”). If I don’t know the answer or have a good opinion regarding the topic you would like more information on, then I will reference a trusted “teammate” of mine whose realm of expertise is more in the arena of your topic. Lastly, if you would like even further information on the categories currently being discussed in the Interactive Blog, my books, Intellectual Rebel apparel (we have some cool wristbands), or affiliate marketing opportunities, then either click the before mentioned highlighted links or utilize the Menu Bar at the top of this page! Every little bit of support goes a long way and for a good cause!

Without further ado, become a part of Intellectual Rebel Nation and help us continue our “Improvement Movement” of improving our world— one mind, one heart, and one life at a time. Fill out the short form below and be sure to submit any questions, thoughts, or topics you would like more information on in the “message section” of the form. Furthermore, if you are interested in potentially becoming a “guest contributor” on the Intellectual Rebel blog, then express that in the “message section” of the form as well!

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  1. “welcome home, superhero” loved it. Got chills when i read that. Dont be a sheep. Dare to be different and a leader is what i got from that passage!

  2. Awesome book its real talk and has a lot of meaning to it I personally recommend anyone who has had any struggle in life to read this you will be mind blown in many ways!!!

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