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in·tel·lec·tu·al reb·el
Noun | [in-tə-lek-chə-wəl re-bəl]
one who actively thinks and craves progress for oneself

INTELLECTUAL REBEL Synonyms: thinker, doer, dreamer, innovator, truth-teller, blunt, high-energy, solution-focused, inquisitive, logical, reasonable, open-minded, ambitious, internally-focused, inspirational, leader, learner, strong-minded, revolutionary, positive, interesting, witty, clever, unique, progressive, evolved, productive, educated, different, informed, aware, conscious, wise, optimistic, loyal, tiger

INTELLECTUAL REBEL Antonyms: ignorant, gossiper, moronic, zombie, backstabber, bland, buffoonish, follower, externally-focused, low-energy, problem-focused, status quo, mediocre, unaware, unconscious, idiotic, foolish, lazy, bubbleheaded, weak-minded, witless, unwise, insane, bird-brained, clownish, ill-informed, negative, pessimistic, complainer, unproductive, regressive, disloyal, sheep

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