Volume 2: iSin (2017)


Hello! I am Shay Dawkins, the founder of Intellectual Rebel and author of iSin: Upgrade to Life 2.0. I am an author, visionary, and entrepreneur (founder of three businesses before the age of 24). After writing and publishing my first book six years ago, I found my love and passion for writing. I have conducted several radio interviews throughout the United States and have had several articles published in various news outlets. After six years of great self-discovery experiencing first-hand what works and does not work interpersonally, emotionally (spiritually), and business-wise, I decided it was time to finally write the book that I had been gathering research for and slowly writing over the last six years. iSin is the second book in the Intellectual Rebel series.

From my personal experiences, I strongly believe in the power of an intelligent mind via science, logic, and reason; yet, I also believe in the power of emotional intelligence via learning to manipulate and control your emotions by creating healthy thinking habits. I firmly believe there is a GREAT and LIMITLESS potential residing within you and all individuals (for that matter), but most have neglected to REALIZE their GREAT potential because they dwell in sinful (bad) emotions. Few have AWAKENED their LIMITLESS potential because few have learned how to manipulate and use sinful emotions for their benefit. Very few have UNLEASHED their BOUNDLESS POTENTIAL because very few have learned to create healthy thinking habits; thoughts generate emotions and emotions attract similar emotionsUltimately emotions create a person’s life, for better or for worse. I offer a Money Back Guarantee to any purchaser who does not find GREAT VALUE in this read.  iSin has received several great reviews from readers whose lives were touched and changed for the better. See for yourself below:


“Have you ever had those days when you felt that something was out of place? This book helps you to explore you, your inner reaches. Each chapter is like a treasure map leading the reader to find “gems” within themselves along with pointing out the pitfalls that we all encounter in day to day life. A thought provoking guide to finding the ultimate treasure-a better version of yourself. A must read.” Amazon Customer

“Awesome, inspiring self-reflective read. I love the inter-active table of contents. The book was instrumental in focusing my outlook to be more positive. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to better themselves and those they love.” (After I, Shay, said, “Thank you for the kind review!”) “The thanks are to you for writing this book and opening my eyes and heart to a better way, a better life for me and my loved ones.” Jenny Brown

“There is such a noble purpose driving this book! To help us become our best selves. I so enjoyed reading iSin, and the opportunity to reflect while I read. There is so much going on in the world right now, and it can all get overwhelming. BUT, if we focus on loving ourselves, as Dawkins lays out, we can live more fully and be happier! This book is creative, fun, and inspiring! I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to take themselves to the next level in their life.” Sarah G (Amazon Customer)

“This book is THE book to jumpstart whatever mindset you need to have or whatever you need to do to get where you want to be. It is very apparent how dedicated the author is for the reader to feel the words. From the songs suggestions to the emphasized words, it is definitely a must read.” Amazon Customer

“Love this book everybody please get it will change your perspective on everything.” Tina Hopper

“This book is fantastic!! It changed the way I see the world around me!” Christina M. Black (Amazon Customer)

“Bro that’s sick! When does the book come out?”
Sean Granger

“Lol idk why I f***ing loveeee this book and I’ve only read the introduction.” Jaqueline Alvarado Roman

“I so love this book. You have to read it to believe how much it will change the way you look at life and your goals. 👍👍👍👍👍amazing amazing book.” Amazon Customer

I just read the intro and that was fantastic, good job bro!”
Brandon Brown 

“I love this book! Amazing job, Shay!” Angie Roberts

7 Reasons to Read iSin

  1. iSin discusses issues that are RELEVANT to EVERYDAY LIFE for EVERYONE from ALL WALKS of life because WE ALL (as humans) have similar (if not the same) EMOTIONS and the KEY to UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL is learning how to transition out of SINFUL (BAD) EMOTIONS and into predominately practicing GOOD EMOTIONS. We (as individuals) ALWAYS have the capability to CONTROL OUR INTERNAL EMOTIONS via learning how to CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS! Whether you need help with not living in the past (regret), living in anger (wrath), living in fear (worry), dealing with addiction, allowing external circumstances to control you, forgiving those who have done you “wrong,” accepting yourself, finding answers to life’s deep questions (such as God and religion), living in the moment, or healing; you will find practical, pertinent, and self-reflective material that will empower you to find your OWN SOLUTIONS to your OWN PROBLEMS which will enable you to MOVE FORWARD, GROW STRONGER, and FEEL BETTER— RIGHT NOW!
  2. I, Shay Dawkins, share myself and my personal experiences OPENLY and CANDIDLY with you in my writing. The inspiration for at least 90% of the material in iSin have been drawn from my personal experiences, and the first-hand experiences I have witnessed those around me experience. Hence, iSin is written in a very relatable and “common-sense” way that is easy for anyone to comprehend; yet, also provides new, fresh perspectives that are very deep for any open-minded thinkers. This writing style enables anyone from any walk of life to benefit IMMEDIATELY from reading iSin.
  3. iSin is one of the most entertaining reads you will come across. Songs are included with every section of the book that correlates directly to the material being discussed for any readers who like to listen to music while reading as I (Shay), personally, like to do. Furthermore, I have made a Spotify playlist that lists every song in chronological order with the book; so, all you (the reader) have to do is look me up on Spotify and click on the playlist to access every song listed in the read.
  4. Relating back to the previous three points, iSin discusses an extremely wide area of topics that are pertinent to EVERY PERSON. Here are just a few of the Chapter Titles discussed to give you some examples: Good Cussing VS Sinful Cursing, Drinking Alcohol as Sinful and Not Sinful, Anger: Energy Booster, Gluttony: Turn Off The TV, Becoming INTERNALLY Selfish, Source of All Darkness, Sinful Communication (#1 Sin), Public Enemy #1, Death Died A Long Time Ago (Breaking Grief), and new perspectives on the concepts of God, Heaven, and Hell; again, these are just a FEW of the topics discussed.
  5. iSin is a FUN, INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE (the furthest thing from a “normal, bland read”). Personal pictures are incorporated throughout the book which makes the material even more real, relatable, and FUN.  The book has an “interactive feel” to it with the different “smartphone apps” as the Chapters;  these “apps” will randomly “pop up” on you as you move through the book. The incorporation of acronyms and my very unique writing style of using CAPITALIZATION and bolding to hint at upcoming material or underlying themes creates a “puzzle aspect” for any deep thinkers.
  6. You can read iSin multiple times and gather something new every time because of the DEEPNESS and REALNESS of the subject matter.  Literally, my entire heart and soul have been put into the pages of iSin, and I have LIVED and EXPERIENCED everything that is discussed in the book.
  7. If iSin doesn’t meet your expectations and bring GREAT VALUE to your life, then I (Shay) offer you a Money Back Guarantee— no questions asked; therefore, read iSin RISK FREE!

Two Versions of iSin (Clean and Explicit)

  1. Buy iSin (Explicit) $3.33!

    For $3.33, you will receive the PDF file, MOBI File, and EPUB File for iSin; so, you will be enabled to read iSin on any device. After purchasing, you will be directed to a secure page where you will be prompted for payment; after payment, these 3 files will be downloadable in a few seconds with a simple click of a button!

    The Explicit Version includes the following:

    A) Added Material–one added section is entitled, “Good Cussing Vs Sinful Cursing,” which makes a very valid case that “cuss words” are not really the “bad words” or “curse words” that most people in society falsely believe they are; “cuss words” can be bad (sinful) or good (not sinful) just as a non-cuss word can be bad (sinful) or good (not sinful); words in and of themselves are not “good” or “bad;” the INTENT and EMOTION (HEART) words are spoken out of determines if a word is good or sinful.

    B) Includes the occasional CUSS word— I (Shay) explain in iSin that “CUSS words” should be perceived as “HIGH ENERGY words” or “PASSION words;” I use “CUSS words” with the PURPOSE and INTENT to INVOKE ENERGY (PASSION) during certain sections of the book.

    C) The Songs suggested are more “explicit songs” with some cuss words.

    D) In my opinion, the Explicit Version is more “fun” and is exactly how you would hear me speak at my house to one of my close friends; furthermore, (although I am extremely open and candid in both versions of iSin) I do divulge a few more personal thoughts in the Explicit Version.

  2. Buy iSin (Clean) $3.33!

    For $3.33 you will receive the PDF file, MOBI File, and EPUB File for iSin; so, you will be enabled to read iSin on any device. After purchasing, you will be directed to a secure page where you will be prompted for payment; after payment, these 3 files will be downloadable in a few seconds with a simple click of a button!

    The Clean Version includes the following:

    A) No Cuss Words and no songs suggested with cuss words.

    B) In a nutshell, the Clean Version could best be described as the “conservative version” for someone who communicates more conservatively. The Clean Version is exactly how you would hear me speak  to my grandparents or someone who I do not know too well.

    C) I decided to write the Clean Version (which added another 200+ hours of work) because I knew how a lot of people may perceive me using the occasional cuss word as “ignorant” or “bad,” and this misled notion may cause them to not give iSin a chance or read to the Sinful Communication Chapter of iSin where “cuss words” are discussed in great detail so they could find out for themselves that “cuss words” are not bad (sinful) in and of themselves!

    D) The Clean Version is the more “politically correct” version of iSin (although there is not much “political correctness” about me or my writing style). The message of iSin is 95% the same and the “heart of iSin’s message” (the core points and values iSin promotes) is 100% the same in both versions.


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