Money Back Guarantee

A Money Back Guarantee is offered to anyone who purchases iSin and is unsatisfied with the material. I truly feel and believe with the upmostĀ confidence that iSin (at the very least) will make any reader BETTER and will make any reader who enjoys THINKING for themselves and who wants BETTER to become BEYOND BETTER!

No games and no gimmicks; if you are unsatisfied, then all you have to do is e-mail me at with a clearly visible picture of your receipt showing the amount and date paid within 30 days of purchasing the book; please include at least 1 sentence explaining what caused you to be unsatisfied, and I will refund your money to a PayPal account of your choice! Hence, you have NO RISK!

The intent of this gesture is to show how much I believe in the material of iSin. Give iSin a shot; it will be the best $3.33 risk-free investment you will ever make!

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