Thank you for your interest in the Intellectual Rebel Affiliate Program!

Affiliates of Intellectual Rebel will be compensated at 50% of every book purchase originating from your affiliate links.  Payments will be sent to you via PayPal at the beginning of every month.  I will only be accepting a limited amount of affiliates so that affiliates who produce results have the opportunity to gain financially with the Intellectual Rebel Affiliate Program (IRAP) in the long-term.

Link to Sign up for the Intellectual Rebel Affiliate Program:

In the IRAP, you will have two different methods to utilize.  These custom links will automatically be generated for you, when you sign up for the affiliate program.

  1. The first link is the “Direct Link Method” where your link will send the customer directly to the check out page.  Then, the customer makes a purchase, and you get paid.
  2. The second link is the “Site Link Method” where your link will send a customer to the “pitch page” I have created.  Then, the customer makes a purchase, and you get paid.

    *If you have any suggestions on how to make this program better for you, then do not hesitate to communicate your ideas to me.  I am here to provide you with whatever additional resources you feel you need to be successful in the IRAP. I work relentlessly, and I will happily create you personalized promotional content to enable you to thrive in the IRAP!

 If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, then please contact me: